​Age: 8 years

​Breed: Pygmy Goat

Story: Came in with her half sister Adelaide. Friendly and easy going. She accompanies us to some events.


Age: 2 years

​Breed: Hampshire/ Suffolk Sheep

Story: Partially blind and completely deaf, he was of no use to the farmer who bred him. He is friendly, inquisitive and lovable!


​Age: 8 years

​Breed: Pygmy Goat

Story: Came in with her half sister Charlotte. Shy and reserved.


Age: 5 years

Breed: Vietnamese Potbelly Pig

Story: Surrendered due to the fact his family didn't realize he would grow that large. He's very friendly and likes a calm environment.


Age: 6 years

Breed: Boer Goat

Story: Born with only 3 and half legs she wasn't needed on her breeders farm.  Since her arrival she has had some complications with her hooves as a result of her 3 leggedness. We strive to keep her as comfortable and happy as possible.