Baxter the Baaah!

Such a sweet dude even with partial blindness and mostly deaf. We love him!


Our sweet, beloved pig!



Our curious 3 legged Boer goat. She was born with a hind limb deformity but we love her anyway!

Charlotte & Adelaide 

These pygmy goat sisters have become permanent residents at the farm!

The Littles – Meet Caroline, Bailey & Killian! Caroline is a grey pony that is the star of our lesson program. And Bailey & Killian are our rescued miniature horses. Sadly, Killian passed away January 2017. 


It's more than just an all species animal rescue. SHARE is a place where we learn, grow and have fun!

We not only offer many volunteer opportunities but we also have a riding lesson program, pony ride parties, summer camps, Teeny Tiny Pony Club and professional horse boarding services to help fund our rescue costs.

Our focus has shifted to helping slaughter bound equines rehabilitate and find forever homes. But we are also known to assist local shelters and animal control with the placement of farm animals and companion animals of all kinds as well as accepting owner surrendered animals.