Tony, Big Pony

Age: 22 years

Height: 16.3hh

Breed: Thoroughbred (JC Reg)

Gender: Gelding

Suitable for: Advanced Beginner rider and up!

Adoption fee: $500

Personality: One cool dude! Tony (JC reg as Tony Basich) has had extensive training in his lifetime. Starting out on the race track and then learning a second career as a hunter/ jumper and Dressage show horse, this guy knows his stuff! He has good ground manners and likes to work. He is still rehabbing from an injury but is currently able to walk trot. Fun, easy going guy!



Age: 3 years

Height: 11.3hh

Breed: Pony blend

Gender: Gelding

Resident in our lesson program

Personality: Inquisitive, calm, mischievous and into everything! 

Restrictions: none

Our Madeline

Age: 35 years 

Height: 14.1hh

Breed: Morgan/ Arabian

Gender: Mare

​Permanent Resident in our lesson program

Personality: Don't tell Maddie she's a senior; she has NO idea! She takes extra special care of our little riders while teaching them valuable lessons. She LOVES her job and we cherish her!

Restrictions: EPSM, Mild Arthritis. Requires prescription medication and senior joint supplement.

Docs Pago Pine

Age: 20 years

Height: 14.2hh

Breed: AQHA

Gender: Gelding

Adoption fee: ADOPTED!!

Suitable for: Trails, Versatile - English or Western

Personality: Super sweet and calm! He has been primarily used for breeding over the years but he's now gelded! He can be barn sour at times but with a confident rider it's not an issue. 

Restrictions: Needs a petite experienced rider. Osteoarthritis that requires supplementation if in work.



Age: 11 years

Height: 15.1hh

Breed: QH blend

Gender: Gelding

Suitable for: Intermediate/ Experienced rider

​Adoption fee: Pending 

Personality: Reserved and quiet with impeccable ground manners. He just needs miles with someone he trusts. He is waiting for an experienced adult amateur rider to find him. He is a true gem!

Restrictions: none


Age: 26 years

Height: 15.1hh

Breed: Quarter Horse

Gender: Gelding

Permanent Resident in our lesson program

Personality: Been there, done that with our founder and President for over 20 years. After being Janessa's trusty mount, he has influenced the lives of countless students. 

Restrictions: Arthritis

​Requires a senior joint supplement. 


Age: 29 years

Height: 14hh

Breed: POA

Gender: Gelding

Adoption fee: Waived

Suitable for: Experienced companion home with a blind safe pasture.

Personality: Sweet but can be pushy as he is mostly blind and missing his right eye. He'll thrive in a home that can give him experienced daily care and love.

Restrictions: Must have a blind safe paddock with plenty of shade and shelter. History of COPD and ERU managed with daily supplements and as needed prescription medication.


Age: 29 years

Height: 14.3hh - sway back

Breed: QH blend

Gender: Mare

Suitable for: Companion home

Adoption fee: ADOPTED!

Personality: Sweet girl with some pep in her step! Don't tell her she's in her late twenties. She loves attention and wants to do all of the things. Unfortunately, her arthritis had different plans. Bug should no longer be ridden but still enjoys a handwalk and good brushing! 

​Restrictions: arthritis and sway back.


Age: 13 years

Height: 8hh

Breed: Miniature Horse

Gender: Mare

Permanent Resident in our lesson program

Personality: Sassy but kind.

She always tests her tiny riders when off lead and is currently making strides to become our next wagon mini for our events.

Restrictions: none

Our permanent residents and lesson program ponies. Oh, how we love them so!


Age: 16 years

Height: 12.2hh

Breed: Pony blend

Gender: Gelding

Permanent Resident in our lesson program

Personality: Just one cool dude that everyone loves! He prefers a bossy rider and is a wonderful teacher. Janessa acquired him years ago as an owner surrender because no one could catch him in the field. All he wanted was a cookie! He now lets almost everyone catch him.

Annabel Lee 

Age: 5 years

Height: 12.1hh

Breed: Hackney blend

Gender: Mare

Suitable for: Experienced handler/ Companion 

​Adoption fee: Waived. Currently being fostered.

Personality: Shy and timid. She enjoys slow, calm people with no agenda. 

She is on no extra supplements and is a very easy keeper.

Restrictions: none

Sweet Caroline

Age: 22 years

Height: 10hh

Breed: Pony blend

Gender: Mare

Permanent Resident in our lesson program

Personality: Sweet, well mannered and seen it all. Rescued by Janessa 16 years ago after being abandoned in a local backyard. She thrived giving pony rides, lessons, and taking care of her tiny passengers in summer camps.

Restrictions: EPSM, Mild Arthritis

Requires presciption medication and senior joint supplement.


Age: 12 years

Height: 12.1hh

Breed: POA blend

Gender: Mare

Adoption fee: ADOPTED!! 

Suitable for: Pony rides

Personality: Cute, curious and suitable for pony rides! The older kids have no problem riding her around bareback too. Being a POA, she is prone to ERU and is receiving an inexpensive supplement to make her eyes more comfortable.