If you are considering surrendering your horse, please message us to see if we have space available for that specific horse and for the required form. 

Once the form is filled out and accepted, please expect to provide a surrender fee of $300, all vaccination/ health records, and the horses registration paperwork if applicable. 

The surrender fee goes toward starting the process of vet exams, feed, board, and re-training if needed.

Things to consider before surrendering your horse:

  1. Private sale with references and buy back contract

  2. Lease - where you retain ownership rights to your horse

  3. Contact previous owner - maybe they'll want them back

  4. Therapeutic programs, if horse is sound and sane enough

  5. Consider humane euthanasia - this is the last gift we can give our horse to ensure they will never be neglected or abused.

Humane euthanasia is often not the wrong choice. It ensures that the horse will never see neglect, abuse, starvation, etc. Nine out of 10 times the horses that people want to surrender do not fall into any of the above categories. The horses that we are often asked to take-in are unbroke, lame, geriatric, can't be ridden, don't want to be touched, "takes a while to warm up" or otherwise unwanted by the others. Receiving horses like this financially taxes rescues and then they are full of unwanted horses, adoptions stop and doors have to close. If you need assistance with any part of humane euthanasia, please message us.