Consider a sponsorship... a little bit can go a really long way!

​For example:

Maddie's daily cost, just to keep her happy and healthy, is $12 each day. 

Caroline's monthly cost is about $160.

... each equine in our care  costs $5-12 per day just to provide feed, hay and medication (if needed). We usually have at least 12-15 horses, ponies, donkeys, etc. in our care! That's roughly $125 per day just to feed the horses! That doesn't include our operating expenses like electric, fuel, truck repair, insurance, and maintenance of the farm! Our monthly expenses can climb to $7500! And that's for the routine stuff. That doesn't include expansion projects or emergencies like a busted pipe or a sick horse.

Let's not forget:

Hoof trims (every 6 weeks) $35 per horse for usually 12-15 horses!

Annual preventative vet care minimum per horse $400 (vaccinations, deworming, dental care, Coggins)

Not to mention:

Dreaded emergency visits starting at $500+!

We've averaged these expenses into different sponsorship levels for the equines in our care. You can sponsor a horse for just one month or continue each month until he/she is no longer in our care. You can also sponsor a farm friend like one of our sheep or goats!

​Full Horse Sponsor: $200 covers hay, grain, a farrier visit and a de-wormer.

3/4 Horse Sponsor: $150 covers hay and grain.

1/2 Horse Sponsor: $100 covers senior grain.

1/4 Horse Sponsor: $50 covers basic grain only.

Farm Friend Sponsor: $25 covers monthly feed for a farm friend.

You're encouraged to come visit "your" sponsored horse as often as you like. Just make an appointment with us!

​How to sponsor? It's easy!

There's a couple ways. Choose the horse or other animal you want to sponsor and donate the amount you'd like via PayPal. Please note that the donation is for a certain horses sponsorship and if you'd like your name posted on our website. Our PayPal account is southernhopeanimalrescue@yahoo.com or simply click the donate button above.

Or you can mail in a check or money order to the rescue:

146 White Horse Drive 

Shawboro, NC 27973

Just shoot us an e-mail so we know to keep an eye out for it. And also be sure that horse isn't already being sponsored that month.